Tracks & Classes


At Bull City Swingout, we believe in teaching to dancers, not to labels. In order to do that, our track classes have done away with the terms “Beginner,” “Intermediate,” and “Advanced.” Instead, titles reflect the focus of the track.

We will offer two tracks on Saturday, Fundamentals and Flourish, each including four hours of classes (descriptions below). Classes will all relate to the overall theme of that track.


LINDY FUNDAMENTALS – Take a close look at technique. This track breaks down and tunes up your moves. Go through the nitty gritty details, strengthen your understanding of connection, weight shifts, floor craft, and more! Prerequisites – Swingout, Lindy Circle

LINDY FLOURISH – Put a little more YOU in your dancing. This track will enhance your ability to add your own creative touches and musicality, accentuating your style. Prerequisites – Swingout, Lindy Circle, Sugar Push, able to dance comfortably at 180 BPM., Transfer between tandem Charleston and lindy hop

CLASSES (Sunday)

On Sunday, we offer four hours of “Special Topics” classes. These are a choose-your-own-path mix of classes ranging from Balboa to Solo Jazz movement. These classes will be announced in coming weeks so check back often. Sunday’s schedule also features an additional BBQ&A, so please consider joining us for a delicious lunch and discussion at The Pit. More details to come!