Bull City Swingout

Nikki Marvin

Nikki grew up with a passion for early Jazz and Swing music so learning to dance was a natural progression. 

A 1st place win at the National Jitterbug Championships jump started her career and allowed her to compete at the Pro level. She started assisting her mentor and now husband, Shesha Marvin, with local classes and national workshops.  She quickly learned to be a clear and effective teacher. 

Her teaching style focuses on the things she loves the most about Lindy Hop: lead and follow, rhythm, musicality, and style. 

Nikki is a strong believer in dancing for the right reasons. Dance for yourself and no one else. She feels that we should look to others for inspiration and guidance, but form our own ideas about the dance.

Mikey Pedroza

Mikey Pedroza is a powerhouse of a dancer in the world of swing, having competed, performed and taught American Jazz dances (Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, Slow Dancing (Blues), and Solo Jazz) throughout the United States and the world. 

He has earned international acclaim for his impeccable style and technical precision. 

His classes focus on developing individual style and a confident connection through lead/follow techniques, creativity, rhythm, and body awareness. 

His vigor for the dance can only be overshadowed by the joy and self-confidence Mikey inspires in his students.

Laurel Ryan

Laurel fell in love with swing music nearly three decades before she threw herself into the dance. Soon after her first lindy hop crash course Laurel was attending every event she could reach across the Midwest, jonesing for another dance to a live band. 

Laurel’s background as a teacher and world traveler serves to fuel her passion for learning and teaching swing dance. She nerds out on putting educational theory into practice to better serve her dance students. Her passion for diversity on the social floor helps her encourage dancers to be themselves. Laurel’s goal is to help preserve lindy hop’s roots as a social street dance while re-translating partner roles for continued relevance in modern culture.

Michelle Stokes

What began as a casual attempt to try something new quickly turned into a life-consuming passion. In the six years since she dove into lindy hop, Michelle has managed to teach or emcee at least six swing events per year, and volunteer regularly for The Oklahoma Swing Syndicate.  She loves the physical creativity inherent to lindy hop, and its roots as a social dance.

Michelle aims for her students to leave with a firm foundation in rhythm, momentum, and the fundamental shapes of swing dance. She emphasizes comfortable body movement and strong rhythm over the look of the steps. As a feel-good dancer, Michelle hopes to inspire others to get on the social floor no matter what their experience and to be unafraid to ask anyone, of any skill level, to dance. She also encourages dancers not to take themselves too seriously, and will back that up with antics and loud noises.